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Catapult Anatomic Light

Catapult Anatomic Light

A catapult for medium and long range feeding. Due to its uniquely shaped handle it is possible to…

Price: 12,90 GBP

In stock: NO

Pole Catapult Double set

Pole Catapult Double set

A set of two catapults for pole fishing. Specially developed hollow elastics are ideal for use with…

Price: 8,30 GBP

In stock: YES > 5 ks




  • David DejvL Lužný - Autumn fishing
    23. November 2016
    After the final ceremony at the famous Czech carp fishing competition Katlov 2016 I took a week off…
  • Carp fishing in big lake
    20. July 2016
    My other half and myself decided on spending seven days on a glacier, a beautifull and picturesque…
  • 28 kg autumn carp with Robin!
    9. October 2015
    In the first week of September I fished in a lake I call Igelsee , I named it Igelsee because of…
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