September on Aldrian Lake

05. 11. 14


In September of this year I planned a 1 week trip to the Giant 45 Hectare Aldrian lake at Fzz in Lebring Austria. The lake is renowned as being hard and had so far proved a hard but for me to crack in 2015. I reserved place eleven due to its proximity to and Island that is a known fish producing area.

I setup my four rods and prepared for a very tough battle with the 200 or so carp that are in the 45 hectare lake. After around an hour I had a screaming run on my right hand rod , the fish immediately swam into the weed , but as the summer was not so hot year this in Austria the weed was not very dense and I was able to quite easily coax the fish out of the weed.


The fish then ploughed up and down with slow steady runs that I know is indicative generally of a large fish , after about 15 minutes I got the fish near the net when once again it ran into the weed , patiently I coaxed the fish out of the weed and into my waiting landing net.

I was elated to have finally caught an Aldrian fish , the fish looked big and beautiful in the net , and weighed in slightly over 20kg , this fish felt remarkably good to catch with the amount of time and effort I had put into this monster of a lake. The fish was caught on a Mivardi Devil Squid 24mm boilie soaked in Amino liquid . The G50 rod from Mivardi also played a great part in this fish capture as I needed extra torque to remove the fish from the weed.

Again Mivardi Devil squid proved what a remarkable bait it is with my 8th fish over 20kg this season.

Robin Reynolds




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