David DejvL Lužný - Autumn fishing

23. 11. 16


After the final ceremony at the famous Czech carp fishing competition Katlov 2016 I took a week off from my job and decided to stay here and spend another seven days at this beautiful venue. Despite the fact that my fishing colleagues and myself did not have much luck in that competition, I was full of hope that the fish would now become more active and finally start feeding before the onset of winter.

I chose a peg I thought would be successful but when I got there, to my disappointment I found out this peg was already taken by another angler and I had to go to the next peg - but this was not too bad as I caught some big fish at this spot last autumn. The following days were spent at the venue trying everything possible to get some bites, but my hopes of successful fishing trip were dashed. But it was not only me whose dreams were dashed – during the whole week only a few carp were caught at the whole venue.


Almost at the end of my trip I finally got a bite and managed to net a nice carp of 18.1 kg at greater than 90 cm in length. It was a really beautiful and healthy fish that could not resist the new Mivardi boilie B17. In spite of the fact my fishing trip did not throw up many fish I really enjoyed the autumn colours of the splendid nature around the lake and also the colourful sunsets. This autumn fishing has its own magic.


I wish you successful fishing.

David Lužný from Mivardi Team





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